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Island Influencers

Sep 22, 2021

This week’s Island Influencer is Sarah Comish, the newly appointed General Secretary of the Manx National Farmers Union.

Sarah talks to me about life growing up on her family’s farm on the Isle of Man, her love of art, horses, walking, and Elizabeth Taylor! She explains how travelling extensively around India changed her life, encouraging her to be “more confident and less cautious.”

Sarah shares stories of her ten years in the film industry within the set dressing and props department. Her favourite film to work on was ‘Waking Ned’ featuring her cousin’s pony!

Returning to the island when her Mum sadly passed away she decided to stay. Sarah has since raised a family whilst juggling several jobs including being One World Charity Challenge Project Officer, Secretary at IOM Southern District Agricultural Society running the Agricultural show, whilst also being on the local planning committee.

This episode provides a great insight into the agricultural and farming world and Sarah’s commitment and passion for sustainable development, and how that affects all of our futures.

Here’s this week’s conversation with Sarah Comish in episode 60 of Island Influencers.