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Island Influencers

Sep 8, 2021

At 16 years old, Jo Overty lived independently, working nights in a print factory to pay bedsit rent and support herself through sixth form.

After a couple of years working at an estate agent and a bank in Leicester, she followed her vocation and trained to be a journalist in Sheffield and benefited from tuition from...

Aug 25, 2021

From BMX, to mountain biking, to road cycling, my guest today is Manx Professional Cyclist Tom Mazzone.

Fresh from racing in The Tour Series last week, Tom joined me to chat about his professional cycling career with SAINT PIRAN, Cornwall’s First Elite Cycling Team.

Tom explains how he got into cycling and found an...

Aug 11, 2021

My Island Influencer this week is Sarah Corlett, owner of Sarah Corlett Town Planning Consultancy Ltd. 

After recently retiring from the Isle of Man Government as a Principal Planner, Sarah has established her own Town Planning Consultancy practice. 

Having been involved in literally thousands of development proposals -...

Jul 28, 2021

David Doricott grew up in Blackburn with a great love of the outdoors. In 1976 David read Forestry at Bangor University and during his degree course, he discovered an unexpected understanding and interest in computing. This led (after about seven years in Forestry and Horticultural management) to David in the early 80s,...

Jun 30, 2021

Chris Quine set the Isle of Man 1500m record at the age of 20 and has been able to take part in nine Island Games.

Prior to retiring in April this year, Chris Quine was Sports Performance Coordinator at Isle of Man Sport Aid. Prior to that he worked for Zurich International (formerly Eagle Star) for 10 years.

The Isle...