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Island Influencers

Mar 10, 2021

Carol Glover in her own words is a Manx born, ginger, punk-inspired, Disruptive Leader, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Podcaster and Edutainer.

Carol is passionate about helping leaders and founders live their best lives, she co-creates with them, to build confidence to set free the talents, superpowers, and potential they were born with.

Via her Maverick Maker business she Coaches and Mentors, Founders, Leaders, Boards, Teams and Businesses to lead in turbulent times, thinking differently, increasing personal and business productivity and creating opportunity out of challenge, change and connections.

Ultimately Carol is unlocking their "Leadership Mindset for Success".

As a CEO, Board Member and generalist leader in a range of dynamic, forward-looking organisations, sectors and roles, Carol's past corporate career means she already "wears the shoes" of so many of her clients.

Recently, she co-created "Encoded Potential" working with some of the world's biggest businesses helping emerging leaders and entrepreneurs unleash world-class latent skills and potential for themselves and their teams.

She has also produced the Entrepreneur Development Strategy for IOM Chamber of Commerce. Generating over 150 small business members and more importantly, a strong and growing mutually supportive community on the Isle of Man.

Here's this week's conversation with Carol Glover in episode 41 of Island Influencers.