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Island Influencers

Nov 3, 2021

South African born Guinness World Record holder Basil Bielich joins Sharon this week to share his fascinating life story.

Basil admits he "went to school to play sports" and confesses academics were not a focus; football, rugby and cricket were!

Having to join the National Service post-school, his journey took him from the navy to the marines to becoming an officer. Then after knuckling down at University and getting a degree, he became an accountant.

Basil explains how an introduction via his future father in law created career connections on the Isle of Man, leading to a holiday here. Basil felt a 'special connection to the island' (coupled with being a massive Liverpool supporter) and so he made a silent pact to return as soon as he could. Basil and his young family arrived in 1997 and are an Isle of Man asset to keep hold of.

In this episode Basil, and  ‘a man of many hats’ shares his vision for his recently merged business, Atla Group, and explains how he has swapped his rugby boots and cricket bat for golf clubs.

He is incredibly active in the Isle of Man community, serving as President of the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association and Chair of the Manx Solidarity Fund to highlight just a couple!

Here's this week's conversation with Basil Bielich in episode 63 of Island Influencers.