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Island Influencers

Mar 18, 2020

I’m delighted to launch our new audio podcast series, Island Influencers, with a conversation with my first guest, Bob Jeavons.

Bob is a well-known businessman on the Isle of Man.

Until recently, the owner and chairman of Tynwald Mills, Bob joins me for this episode to discuss his vast experience and the great work he is doing as a leading light of the Island’s business community.

Bob is founding director and current chairman of Manx BirdLife, with extensive experience serving in the commercial, public and not for profit sectors.

He’s trustee of several Isle of Man charities, including St John’s Mill, where our office is located, and where Bob brings his expertise in fundraising, recruiting and volunteer relations.

Bob is keen to point out that, because St John’s Mill is a conference centre, the coronavirus crisis has resulted in a loss of bookings. They are hoping to offer catering and food collection for anyone who would care to order, with more details to follow as they formulate a plan.

Here’s my conversation with Bob Jeavons in episode one of Island Influencers.