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Island Influencers

Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to today's episode of Island Influencers, Sharon’s guest this week is John Shakespeare. John is a 'man of many hats', and if he isn't doing something, he is asleep! 

He is Managing Director of property & facilities management consultancy, Gatehouse Management Limited. An enthusiastic and engaging manager and tour guide at Visit Mann Tours (qualified Blue Badge driver) and most recently the role of domestic event fund coordinator for the business agency of the Department for Enterprise.

Listen to John taking Sharon on a bespoke "John Shakespeare entrepreneurial life tour." Sharing his school day stories as a friend of Jeremy Clarkson to building an ice cream van/mobile shop empire (and his colossal VAT bill!), racing rally cars and creating an entire Viking village. John's passion for the Isle of Man and its opportunities is evident.

Here's this week's conversation with John Shakespeare in episode 33 of Island Influencers.