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Island Influencers

Jan 26, 2022

This week’s Island Influencer is Jane Corkill, Arts Development Manager at the Isle of Man Arts Council. 

Jane is incredibly musical and after obtaining her language degree from Edinburgh University, she talks of her scholarship and time at the University of Idaho singing in choirs and jazz groups. 

She has since met her husband, raised a family and settled on the Isle of Man, whilst completing a further degree to then teach music. Although she confesses that she does less solo singing these days, Jane loves singing (for fun) with the Manx Voices choir and her group ‘The Shimmers.’

Jane has been working at the Isle of Man Arts Council since July 2018. She heads up the Arts Team, to look after the Isle of Man Arts Council and to work with all their artists and creatives to develop and promote the arts. She also manages the Youth Arts Centre on Kensington Road, Douglas.

Jane has been passionate about the arts all of her life.  When this role came along, she just knew it was the job for her!  She explains how she loves every day of it, all the different and interesting challenges it brings and feels really privileged and lucky to work with such brilliant people.

She wants to change the perception of the Isle of Man Arts Council. Jane highlights that they don’t just deal with the highbrow side of the arts, anything creative goes!

Weekends are family time for Jane and she loves getting out into the Isle of Man countryside to walk or ride her e-bike.

Here’s this week’s conversation with Jane Corkill in episode 67 of Island Influencers!