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Island Influencers

Feb 23, 2022

Sharon’s Island Influencer this week is Haafizah Hoosen-Charles, an experienced parasitology/education researcher and entrepreneur. She is the Co-founder and MD of Lyph Lab, providing evidence-based advice and support focused on health, wellness and nutrition.

Haafizah’s story starts in 2001 when she along with her parents and little brother moved from South Africa to the Isle of Man when she was just eight years old. She talks to me/Sharon about growing up on the island at this time, with a small Muslim community.

Haafizah explains how her life course took her off the island and in a completely different direction from events management in fashion design to completing her BSc in Biomedical Sciences in Leicester and studying parasites in Spain!

Haafizah is an incredibly brave and resilient woman who has faced some really challenging times. She encourages us to incorporate science and nature to be our best selves.

This is a conversation not to be missed.

Be inspired today by Haafizah Hoosen-Charles in episode 68 of Island Influencers!