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Island Influencers

Feb 24, 2021

My guest this week is Ealish Greggor, an independent specialist speech and language therapist working with both children and adults on the Isle of Man. 

Having grown up taking a caring role within the family for her brother, Ealish has always been driven to provide a service that brings best practice and provides a compassionate and listening ear to families and carers without judgment. 

Whilst shadowing an inspiring mentor at college Ealish knew then that she wanted to be a speech and language therapist, but initially, she faced several barriers getting into university. 

Since the age of 18, Ealish has been working in care settings building up such a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has always been enthusiastic about supporting each individual to reach their potential and be treated with dignity and respect.

Do listen to Ealish's inspirational story of how she found her pathway to providing such an essential and valued service in the Isle of Man. 

Here's this week's conversation with Ealish Greggor in episode 39 of Island Influencers.