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Island Influencers

Apr 3, 2024

This week’s Island Influencer’s life story is nothing short of jaw-dropping. I am only scratching the surface with this introduction.

Boakesey Closs, the IXth Manx Bard, embodies resilience in every word she weaves. Born amidst unexpected circumstances in London during her mother's return from Nigeria, Boakesey's life path defies convention from the outset.

Raised in North Wales, she navigated a childhood marked by unique challenges. She exhibited remarkable intellect from a young age, mastering calculus and delving into Tolkien's epic tales in "Lord of the Rings" at a mere eight years old.

Throughout the conversation, Boakesey candidly shares her experiences navigating through various trials, including caring for her grandmother battling Alzheimer's while embracing single parenthood and pursuing a degree in biochemistry.

She speaks openly about her battles with mental and physical health, finding solace and healing through creative expression. A dedicated teacher, Boakesey finds joy in shaping young minds. She recounts personal stories of her students' successes and her own reading and watercolour painting pursuits.

Despite facing financial hardships, Boakesey remains undeterred. She eagerly anticipates new projects and ventures as a writer and facilitator and is steadfast in her mission to uplift and support others.

Join us in episode 109 of Island Influencers, where we celebrate the triumphs of the human spirit with Boakesey Closs.