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Island Influencers

Apr 1, 2020

In episode three of Island Influencers, I talk to Rebecca George, Chief Executive Officer of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

Rebecca has been a beacon of light for many island business owners during this recent Coronavirus Pandemic by providing outstanding leadership and communication throughout.

Becks is a born and bred Londoner. After a year of travelling the world with her husband, they decided that going back to London life wasn't for them.

Lucky for us, by then she'd visited the Island on a few occasions and had already fallen in love with the place. You know its beauty and pace of life, so it didn't take much persuading for her to come and live here. 

So they came to the Isle of Man for six months, assuming that it wouldn't suit them and they'd rush back to the city life in a heartbeat. But they are still here 15 years later. 

Her husband runs a successful international shipping company in the Isle of Man, another of our niches, and by her own admission, Becks has had amazing roles and opportunities which have led her to where she is now. 

She doesn't know if she'd had such a good quality of life if they'd stayed in London, but they do know that they don't spend hours of their day sitting in trains or in traffic.

They've got a house by the beach, their careers have flourished, and the children can safely walk to school. How many people living in the UK can say that? 

So let's listen to what Rebecca has to tell us as an Island Influencer, in episode four.