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Island Influencers

Jun 7, 2023

This week, my Island Influencer is a true pioneer in nutrition and menopause, Joanne Posey. Hailing from the Isle of Man, Joanne is an expert in her field, dedicated to helping individuals and groups navigate the challenges of menopause and find relief from their symptoms.

But Joanne's influence doesn't stop there. She also works with organisations, empowering them to support their staff during this transformative phase of life, equipping line managers with the tools they need to provide understanding and assistance.

Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs, Joanne has always been ahead of her time. Her passion for researching, investigating, and understanding well-being, wellness, diet, and lifestyle has positioned her at the forefront of her industry. And now, the rest of the world is catching up to her invaluable insights.

In this episode, you'll get the chance to listen and learn from my conversation with Joanne Posey. Her deep understanding of the menopause journey and compassionate approach make her a trusted source of support and guidance. Joanne just "gets" what is going on, and you won't want to miss the wisdom she shares.

So get ready to be inspired by episode 92 of Island Influencers with the incredible Joanne Posey.