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Island Influencers

Nov 13, 2023

Welcome to a special edition of Island Influencers! We've hit the incredible milestone of our 100th episode! 

From its humble beginnings, born during the challenging times of the pandemic, the  Island Influencers podcast has grown and flourished, and it's all thanks to the unwavering support of our remarkable island influencers and the fantastic Isle of Man community. 

A heartfelt thank you to each of you who has been a part of this project.

As we celebrate this milestone, I'm stepping out of my usual role as the host. I am the interviewee, the Island Influencer of the week! 

I'm a proud Manx native, and in this episode, I delve into my my childhood memories, relationships, my love for sports and music, which have all been a significant part of my journey. 

From navigating a career in a male-dominated world to taking leaps of faith, I share the highs and lows that have shaped me into who I am today. 

It's a candid exploration of my life not forgetting the people who have helped me all the way. Most of all my family and my business family at Thornton Chartered Financial Planners.
But this episode isn't just about me. It's about the incredible stories we've shared on this podcast from athletes to entrepreneurs. 

Episodes are brimming with not just knowledge and inspiration, but genuine stories that will have you laughing one minute and perhaps shedding a tear the next. 

It's been a privilege for me to hear these stories and an absolute honour to share them with you. 

Looking ahead, I've got exciting plans for the future, not just involving bagpipes and greenhouses! 

But I do have an overarching deep passion for helping people. So here's to the next 100 episodes, filled with more knowledge, inspiration and fun.