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Island Influencers

Jan 12, 2022

We kick off Island Influencers 2022 with Manx born Phil Craine’s life story. He takes us on a journey of many twists and turns, personally and through his career. 

Phil’s path starts studying economics/commerce in Liverpool, then working at IBM, qualifying as an accountant and one day deciding to hitchhike to Israel! 

He takes us through his time working at KPMG, taking him to Pakistan in the mid 80s, China, and sharing many memories working at Christian Aid in London and Africa. All of his stories highlight how quickly your life can take on a new direction and provide such liberating experiences.

Phil loves walking and helping visitors discover the Isle of Man's beauty for themselves. While also raising awareness of global issues, poverty, human rights, and climate change, which provide him with great fulfilment. He is a great advocate of taking time to listen, to be with nature and to reflect. Or, perhaps, take a breath to work out what to do next.

Here’s this week’s conversation with Phil Craine in episode 66 of Island Influencers!