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Island Influencers

Mar 1, 2023

Micky Swindale is well-known in the Isle of Man’s business community. She was the 1st female President of the Chamber of Commerce and 1st female partner at KPMG here on the island.

Micky has been a champion for inclusion and diversity, particularly gender diversity. A keen sportswoman, the opportunity to help drive diversity in sports attracted her to get involved (as Vice President) with the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association.

Micky is from the Isle of Man and has always thought of herself as someone from the island. However, she was born and brought up in Nigeria until she was 19. Micky shares her wisdom and life story from her alternative education, life in Manchester, Gibraltar, and participating in triathlons with me! Plus her plans for the future.

So what makes Micky Swindale tick? You can find out in episode 86 of Island Influencers; please enjoy.