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Island Influencers

Nov 9, 2022

This week I talked with one half of the husband and wife duo who founded the sparkling winery and bar here on the island - Foraging Vinters.

MaryBeth Coll is from the east coast of America, with a background in art school and law! She explains how she travelled a lot as a child with her father's job and then continued to do so after meeting her Australian husband, Ian, who was in the army.

She shares with us how finally settling on the Isle of Man helped them not only avoid hurricanes! but also fuel their idea to produce non-grape based varieties of sparkling wine, ciders, ginger beer and a range of rum. The island community has embraced the seaside winery, and it is a magical place to relax and unwind with a fantastic view, rain or shine!

Listen to MaryBeth Coll’s enlightening life story in episode 78 of Island Influencers.