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Island Influencers

Oct 11, 2023


Welcome to episode 98 of Island Influencers!

This week we have Island Influencer Lyle Krause, a man with a fascinating journey from South Africa to the Isle of Man.

Lyle arrived on our shores back in 2018 and he and his wife have really thrown themselves into our island community.

Lyle, a devoted father of two, is also an accomplished account and relationship manager. His unwavering drive, motivation, and ambition for whatever he puts his mind to is evident.

During the conversation, you'll hear Lyle's optimism for the boundless opportunities that await young professionals and families here on the island. We'll also explore a shining example of Lyle's natural entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking - the KLEvR Desk, he really does think outside of the box!

Lyle is an outdoor enthusiast. From rugby and water polo, where he once represented South Africa in his youth, to golf and mountain biking. Who knew saunas on the beach are the latest trend?

So, join us for a captivating conversation with Lyle Krause, Global Relations Manager at Atla Fiduciaries Limited. He's an authentic Island Influencer who's leaving a lasting impact right here on the Isle of Man.

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