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Island Influencers

Mar 29, 2023

My guest this week is Joff Whitten, an intelligent and creative education leader with over 25 years of experience working in cultural and learning settings.

Joff has managed and delivered a diverse and exciting range of successful learning and engagement projects working with organisations of varying sizes, supporting those with little opportunity, especially children and young people, to find the joy and opportunity they need to reach a place of success.

He is the Chief Executive Officer at the Children’s Centre (Isle of Man), an entirely independent Manx charity turning difficult life experiences into brighter futures for children, young people and their families. They are based on a farm located just outside of Douglas, offering all sorts of amazing things to the people they work with. Joff is responsible for driving forward a new chapter for the charity, creating and delivering long-term strategies and placing the charity in the hearts and minds of everyone on the island.

Joff, who is also a talented musician and artist, says he tries his hardest “to get the best out of people every day.”

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Joff Whitten in episode 88 of Island Influencers.

"Due to a technical issue in the studio, on this occasion, we could not capture every one of Joff's answers to my usual questions to the standard that we at Island Influencers would feel comfortable putting out. That said, we did manage to learn about the journey that Joff's life took, taking him to where he is today. So please enjoy!"