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Island Influencers

Dec 7, 2022

My Island Influencer this week is self-funded entrepreneur Jo Cutsforth, her desire in life is to make ‘you and your people shine’.

Jo left her home in Warrington at the age of 17 with just £25 in her pocket and a desire to ‘go off and do her own thing’. So she took a ‘hop skip and a jump’ one-way ticket to the Isle of Man.

Her story is one huge life lesson for us all. There is no doubt that Jo has suffered hardship, she talks of living at a homeless refuge with her two small children and only being able to start her career at the age of 32. However, Jo doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her she says, “I'm not getting the violins out. I'm just telling you the story.”

She just wants to encourage everyone to keep learning and get behind people and help them be valued. Jo’s independence, resilience and positive attitude have helped her survive.

Do listen to this week’s conversation with Jo Cutsforth in episode 80 of Island Influencers!