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Island Influencers

Aug 2, 2023

This week, I had the privilege of exploring the world of Island Influencer Jessica Le Merle, Director and Co-founder of Afundi, a full-service development and collaborative design agency that empowers brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd.
Since moving from Durban, South Africa, to the Isle of Man in 2014, Jessica has made her mark in the local digital landscape. 
In our conversation, Jessica takes us through her life story and back to lockdown. With boundless creativity and determination, Jessica and her partner and co-founder Nicolas embarked on a whirlwind project, conceptualising and building the groundbreaking website known as This online food ordering platform was specifically designed to support local catering and hospitality businesses during the challenging times of the coronavirus lockdown. 

Remarkably, Jessica and Nic never sought personal gain from this project. Their motivation came from a deep love for their craft and a strong desire to support their community during difficult times.

But there's more to Jessica than Afundi, when she's not hard at work, she indulges in her passion for coffee, embracing each cup's artistry and complexity. She's also a proud new mum to her son Harrison and Charlie, her adorable Cavapoo, and a dedicated explorer, always seeking new adventures.

Join me in episode 95 as I share the inspiring story of Island Influencer Jessica Le Merle, an influential force on the Isle of Man's digital landscape and a true catalyst for positive change within the community.

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