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Island Influencers

Dec 13, 2023

My Island Influencer this week, Catriona Mackie, boasts an extraordinary professional and personal life story so compelling that it spans four remarkable pages on her CV!

Hailing from the south of Glasgow, Catriona is a passionate social historian interested in material culture and its reflection on the socio-cultural, economic, and political contexts in which it evolves.

We delve into her story, from discovering and learning Scottish Gaelic to experiencing life on the Isle of Skye before moving to the Isle of Man in 2008. She shares insights into her role as a young academic responsible for establishing a master's degree in Manx studies and how she, as a confessed introvert, evolved into a lecturer!

Catriona's unique blend of architectural fascination and language skills takes centre stage, as does her latest project—a collaboration with colleagues at Oxford Brooks University investigating women's experiences in Manx politics.

Over the past decade, Catriona has been deeply involved with the Manx National Heritage and Culture of Vannin while currently teaching Heritage Studies, Celtic Studies, and Manx history and culture at UCM.

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Join us in episode 102 for a captivating exploration of Catriona's extraordinary journey. Delve into the intricacies of her remarkable experiences and get a glimpse of what lies ahead as she continues to leave an indelible mark on the world.