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Island Influencers

May 15, 2024

In this latest episode, I'm excited to welcome Island Influencer Carol Ann Kinley-Smith, an extraordinary force in criminology, forensic science, and investigative security.

Carol Ann is committed to leveraging her diverse experiences to enrich society. She brings a wealth of expertise from her extensive career, operating at the highest levels in both investigative and intelligence capacities.

Originally from the Isle of Man, Carol Ann returned from the UK in 2021 after a distinguished career that included heading Corporate Security and Investigations at the BBC and leading the Royalty Protection Command Team within the Metropolitan Police Service. Her roles have ranged from safeguarding the British Royal Family to spearheading teams assessing threats to high-profile figures.

Currently, Carol Ann shares her wealth of knowledge as a lecturer at University College, where she teaches Forensic Science and Criminology. Her dedication to empowering students with industry insights promises to inspire future generations of professionals.

Carol Ann's academic achievements are remarkable, especially as she admits she wasn't academically inclined during her school years. She earned a Distinction in an MSc in Legal and Criminological Psychology from Cumbria University. Her dissertation, which has recently been published and focuses on the experiences of policewomen navigating menopause, underscores her strong advocacy for women's support and resilience in demanding professional settings.

Here is episode 111 with Island Influencer with Carol Ann Kinley-Smith.