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Island Influencers

Jun 12, 2024

Welcome to episode 112 of Island Influencers. I'm honoured to introduce this week's Island Influencer, Derry Kissack, BEM.

Derry is known to thousands, especially as a key member/frontman of the world-famous Purple Helmets motorcycle display team. Many of you will recognise him as the energetic commentator who guides awe-struck spectators through their breathtaking performances. He is a favourite at the TT and shows worldwide.

You'll immediately notice from his accent that Derry was born and raised here in the Isle of Man. In our conversation, Derry opens up about his life experiences, sharing his childhood memories, education, and profound passion for motorcycles. We also delve into the development of the Isle of Man TT's pit lane and discuss the crucial role of supporting local businesses and individuals who contribute to the island's vibrant tourism industry.

Derry's journey hasn't been without hardship. He lost both his parents by the age of 24, and he reveals how a motorbike accident led him to write his first book!

Despite his challenges, Derry's wonderful sense of humour, spirit and resilience shine through, especially in the fascinating story of how the Purple Helmets were formed (he proudly takes credit for getting them into show business!). He even shares some exclusive tales for you, our Island Influencers listeners.

This episode is packed with great yarns and unforgettable moments I hadn't heard before.

Here's episode 112 - the incredible life and adventures of Derry Kissack BEM.