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Island Influencers

Apr 6, 2020

In episode four of Island Influencers, I speak to Ravina Talbot.

Ravina came to the Island in 1975, initially for two years, but ended up staying for 45 years (and counting!).

She's well-known in the online community and has worked in the private, public, and third sector; tourism, hospitality, management, charities, churches, you name it!

In 2012, Ravina founded the Island's branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A), and in 2018 formed the U3A ukulele group.

Ravina's main work these days is for the Open University where she tutors students in the health and social care faculty. This specialism makes it particularly great to have Ravina as a guest for this episode, as we face the coronavirus pandemic, with the Isle of Man on lockdown.

Here's my conversation with Ravina Talbot in episode four of Island Influencers.