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Island Influencers

Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Island Influencers! This week, I’m delighted to feature Damian Molyneux, Director/Advocate at M&P Legal.

Damian stands as a notable presence in the Isle of Man's legal sphere.

Originating from Kirkham, a town near Blackpool, he grew up in a devout Catholic household, with a familial link to the priesthood adding to his unique background. His journey began in the field of electronics, where he earned a BTech at British Aerospace, before successfully transitioning into the realm of law through his determined pursuit of a law degree at university.

Beyond financial law, Damian's practice encompasses complex insolvency work, regulatory enforcement, medical negligence defense, personal injury claims (with a focus on motorcyclists and cyclists), and overseeing general commercial and civil litigation matters. Damian is also a distinguished Income Tax Commissioner.

Outside his day job, Damian talks of enjoying a fulfilling family life on the island. His interests are as diverse as they are intriguing, spanning from rewilding and DIY projects to mechanics and engineering. He explains he finds solace and his own meditation in “pottering” and has a penchant for indulging his inner child by crafting whimsical projects.

Island Influencer Damian Molyneux's life story is a unique blend of legal knowledge, expertise, and island life. I hope you enjoy listening to episode 101 as much as I enjoyed our conversation.

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