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Island Influencers

Oct 20, 2021

This week Sharon has a "gin wag" with Island Influencers Paul and Tiffany Kerruish, owners of The Fynoderee Distillery in Ramsey.

The idea of starting up a Manx gin distillery had been with Paul and Tiffany Kerruish for several years. As enthusiastic and knowledgeable gin drinkers, they had become increasingly frustrated that there was no small-batch gin producer on the Island when the botanical landscape and biosphere is so well suited to producing an original and high-quality product.

When they met Gerard,  who worked for a successful small-batch distiller in England, their pipe-dream became a reality; a spirits brand with genuine Manx roots and heritage was born! They are committed to using Manx grown or locally foraged botanicals, collaborating with local businesses and the community wherever they can.

In this episode entrepreneurs, Paul and Tiffany share their life and brand stories, highlighting valuable lessons learnt along the way and their vision for the future.

They open up about the, at times, terrifying impact of Covid and lockdowns on their rapidly growing business. They explain how Fynoderee pivoted immediately into producing World Health Organisation-approved hand sanitiser 'Fynitiser' for charities, businesses and organisations, and the Island's essential services.

Here's this week's conversation with Paul and Tiffany Kerruish in episode 62 of Island Influencers.