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Island Influencers

Jun 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered if you’d be happier and healthier eating more plants? Josh and Ali owners of Veg and Vitality did too! 

After taking the leap and realising you could lose weight, feel more energised and help save the planet all at once, they set out on a journey to share this great feeling.

They’ve teamed up to bring the Isle of Man community the flavours they want and the convenience they need. Their goal is to prove the best-tasting food is in fact grown in the ground. 

Chef Ali handcrafts dishes and Josh sends them straight to our doors. 

All of their ingredients are sourced locally. As we all know our planet is precious, so they do their absolute best to keep all packaging as eco-friendly as possible. 

Here's this week's conversation with Josh and Ali in episode 51 of Island Influencers.