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Island Influencers

Jan 4, 2023

Kicking off season 4 and our first podcast episode of 2023 is Island Influencer Tracey Brodie, Belief Coding® Trainer & Coach.

Tracey Brodie grew up in North Wales, her Dad died when she was just 14. From 16, Tracey trained and worked as a beauty therapist for many years, before obtaining a teaching degree and teaching beauty.

Her husband Tom’s job enticed them to the Isle of Man and although they were initially only coming for two years they have stayed for over 20, raising three children on the island. I can say that Tracey “arrived here with bells on.”

In episode 82, Tracey explains how belief coding changed and saved her life forever. She admits that she was “lost and broken” a year ago and how at 51 she has become her own best friend. Starting out trying to heal herself, and then, along the way, she realised she had a “superpower” to gift to others. It is glaringly obvious that making people happy makes Tracey happy.

This week’s conversation with Tracey Brodie will get you thinking and inspire you to turn the mirror on yourself and try to live your best life every day.