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Island Influencers

May 4, 2022

Chatting to me this week on Island Influencers is Sarah Ingrassia, Managing Director at Boston Multi-Family Office.

Sarah left school with no intention of going back! She admits she fell into banking and shares her extensive experience in the trust and corporate industry, in a career spanning three decades with blue-chip companies such as Barclays Private Bank and Trust and Ernst and Young. Experiencing “many high highs and low lows” both professionally and personally along the way. 

Listen carefully as Sarah drops in so many fantastic golden nuggets of insights throughout our conversation. From life as a working Mum (in a male-dominated environment) including top management tips to providing a wonderful positive viewpoint on battling breast cancer and much more. 

Sarah admits she has learnt so much about herself and wants to help others by sharing her story as much as she can. 

So do listen to this week’s conversation with Sarah Ingrassia in episode 71 of Island Influencers!