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Island Influencers

Aug 11, 2021

My Island Influencer this week is Sarah Corlett, owner of Sarah Corlett Town Planning Consultancy Ltd. 

After recently retiring from the Isle of Man Government as a Principal Planner, Sarah has established her own Town Planning Consultancy practice. 

Having been involved in literally thousands of development proposals - big and small - during her time as a planning officer with the Isle of Man Government, Sarah fully understands how a potential development can affect the quality of life of those around it.

Sarah offers town planning advice on all aspects of planning on the Isle of Man. She believes in providing honest, professional advice - always.

Sarah is the first female Chairman of the Isle of Man Badminton Association and the first female Chairman of Isle of Man Sport.

Here's this week's conversation with Sarah Corlett in episode 57 of Island Influencers.