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Island Influencers

Apr 26, 2023

Welcome to this week's episode of Island Influencers. I am excited to introduce you to Sacha Horsthuis, a dynamic marketeer and a keen sportswoman. 

Although Manx born, Sacha spent most of her childhood and adolescence in beautiful North Yorkshire in the UK and lived briefly in Saudi Arabia. Sacha returned to the Isle of Man 9 years ago. 

Sacha and her husband Mark co-own Cycle 360, the Island’s first combined cafe-bike shop and unique events space.  Attracting roughly 500 customers every-day through its stand-out timeless brick work, convenience and warm, thought-out interior, Cycle 360 is undoubtedly the busiest and most vibrant daytime venue on the Isle of Man. It has been a staple to so many since its doors opened in 2018. 

Sacha’s role, in particular, was to create a brand, to attract global bike brands to the brand-new bike shop and, importantly, to attract talented people to work for the company. 

In episode 90, Sacha shares her journey as a working mother and a “marketing fanatic” who is driven, ambitious, and a self-proclaimed perfectionist. She talks about her mission to constantly absorb knowledge, step outside her comfort zone, and innovate to continue growing professionally.

Finally, when I interviewed Sacha, she was still 29. So join me in wishing her a very happy 30th birthday as we dive into this week's conversation with Sacha Horsthuis, whose abundant positivity shines through in everything she does.