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Island Influencers

Feb 15, 2023

In a time of unprecedented global challenges, now more than ever, there is a demand for a shift in how we connect to and interact with our living planet. My Island Influencer this week, Rowan Henthorn, is the owner of Make Good Limited, a new environmental consultancy and lifestyle brand that “helps businesses and communities find practical and enjoyable ways to reduce their environmental impact, whilst connecting with, and caring for the natural world.”

“Local girl” Rowan grew up south of the island and then went away to study Ocean Science at Plymouth University. She has also travelled and worked around Australia and Indonesia.

Rowan has helped to bring in the single-use plastic legislation to the Isle of Man, has sailed across The Pacific with a group of 13 other women, and educated me on marine megafauna and much more!

You can learn more too by listening to Rowan Henthorn in episode 85 of Island Influencers.