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Island Influencers

Oct 14, 2020

Welcome to the latest episode of Island Influencers, my guest this week is Richard Reid, a highly-qualified psychologist, coach and author.

Richard has more than two decades of high-level experience in the corporate world. He works as a trusted advisor to leading public figures and blue-chip organisations around the globe, delivering coaching, workshops and talks.

Gifted at communicating complex ideas in simple, down-to-earth ways for those seeking support in areas such as developing resilience, boosting presence or charisma, and navigating organisational development.

Richard founded his company Pinnacle in 2005, a high-end private therapy clinic based in Mayfair. He is a big advocate of mindfulness and playing Lego with the children, and being active in the fresh air.

Here's this week’s conversation with Richard Reid​ in episode 29 of Island Influencers.