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Island Influencers

Jan 20, 2021

Kevin Furlong, co-owner of Elite Fitness' passion has always been athletics. Since joining a local athletics team as a teenager, he represented the Isle of Man in the Commonwealth Games, UK Nationals and Island Games. 

Kevin's story starts growing up on a farm in Ireland and then in 1989 he visited the Isle of Man for a holiday and decided to stay! His engineering and gym machine maintenance background coupled with his athletics gave him a great understanding of the mechanics of the human body and how to train for optimal performance, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation. 

Kevin and his business partner Stefan set up Elite Fitness seven years ago. They know every one of their members by name and along with their team provide advice and guidance to help them reach and maintain their goals and realise their health and fitness ambitions. 

Here's this week's conversation with Kevin Furlong in episode 35 of Island Influencers.